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Metaverse Crypto Token One ( MCT1 )

A bridge between crypto investors and the world of Metaverse

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We believe that entering the world of Metaverse is possible for everyone. Powerful and at the same time simple and peaceful entrance. In this meta-madness, we are with all users by presenting our Metaverse Crypto Token One (MCT1) bep20 token. Our team aims to establish a logical and profitable relationship between investors and holders of the cryptocurrency industry and Metaverse projects. In this way, our planning is to identify the best projects of Metaverse and attract investors for them.
Join us on this exciting adventure. Buy, keep and win!

Endless enjoyment of profitability in Metaverse of madness

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Total Supply

10,000,000,000,000 MCT1


Redistribute To All Holders


Marketing and devolopment


Automatic addition to liquidity

Token Name

Metaverse Crypto Token One




Binance Smart Chain



  • Initial Develompment
  • Create and supply tokens
  • Website release
  • Release on Pancakeswap
  • Telegram group and Twitter account launched
  • Receive business and security certificates
  • Launching advertising campaigns
  • Proper supply and demand management to succeed and earn more profit for our holders


  • Renewing hosting and website services for improvement
  • More communication with users in more diverse countries with diverse cultures
  • Listing by default and with initial data on the coinmarketcap reference website
  • Adding new investors to provide more liquidity in the pool








How to Buy

1. Download Metamask or Trustwallet and create a wallet

2. Deposit BNB into your wallet

4. Select Currency and enter the MCT1 (Metaverse Crypto Token 1) contract into the search field:


5. Click the Gogwheel and set the Slippage Tolerance to a number between 10% to 14%

6. Set the amount you want to purchase and press the exchange swap button

7. Confirm the transaction